8 Truths Revealed by THE FOX


I wanted to try something different for my next post so I chose a book outside of my favorite genre. When I downloaded Arlene Radasky’s The Fox, I really wasn’t sure what I would expect. I refused to check what Google has on the book. I wanted to be surprised. Nearly a quarter through the book, I realized that The Fox will not allow me to escape from the grim realities of life.

The Fox takes its readers back to first century Scotland where the story focuses on the druid, Lovern, and his wife, Jahna. In here, readers will witness how both of them met and fell in love with each other. In parallel, another story unfolds in the character of archeologist Aine MacRae in the year 2005. Radasky artfully makes the connection between the two stories by providing Jahna’s spirit the ability to travel through space and time, thereby allowing Jahna to communicate with Aine.

The Fox has both romance and magic. More so, it offers us history. For me, the charm of the book lies in the way Radasky presents history to her readers. Aine’s story shows us the challenges faced by archeologists just so they can provide us with concrete evidences of the past. Jahna and Lovern’s story connects the physical evidence to real life events. With both stories running in parallel, a bowl suddenly takes on a new meaning. Whatever Aine finds connects in some way to the story lived by Jahna and Lovern. If history were always taught this way, I would have paid more attention in class.

More than the story, Radasky tackles some very serious themes in this book. Death, rape, and warfare are but a few things that The Fox shows its readers from the point of view of the victims. The magic side may be hard to believe, but the book immediately brings us back to reality when faced with the serious themes that we see every day. For this review, I chose to focus on these realities to pick out 8 truths that The Fox attempts to reveal to its readers and here they are in no particular order:

WARNING: Spoiler Alert

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