8 Life Lessons from THE IDENTITY CHECK That Teaches Us About Working in a Team


For this round, I chose a more modern e-book to read – The Identity Check by Ken Merrell. This e-book takes us back to the more familiar present day time, although the book may have been first published earlier than today. It’s really not one of my favorite downloads but it has its moments of heart-stopping suspense.

The setting for The Identity Check takes its readers to the less charming parts of Las Vegas. The story revolves around a colorful team of civilians who took the law into their own hands to stop a mobster from his evil and oftentimes oppressive schemes. Vincent “Vinnie” Domenico is your typical mobster boss. Name any crime possible and he’s probably got some people working on those. Everyone who knows Vinnie is afraid of him.

If the villain of this book is your typical mobster boss, the heroes of this tale are unlike any that we’ve been accustomed to. We have Rebecca Lambert (aka Nurse), who is an old motherly woman. We have Laurence Elroy Jackson (aka Cap’n), the strongest of all the team members. We have Clarence Weber (aka Smitty), a mute who learned locksmithing from his father back in the days when his father was still alive. We have Sound who used to be an electronics specialist. We have Trenton Ritter (aka Ritter), a native of Yorkshire, England who migrated to the US. All five of them are homeless folks living along Carson Street. In addition to the homeless folks, we also have Greg Hart (aka Sunny) who is a victim of credit card fraud that Vinnie is running. Lastly, we have Mitch Wilson (aka Lightning) who owns a restored antique car that Vinnie managed to steal. Together they hatch a crazy plan to topple down Vinnie’s reign of terror.

What I love most about this book is how this team of civilians worked together. It is for this reason that this post focuses more on the eight life lessons that I’ve picked out with respect to working in a team and here they are in no particular order:

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

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