Clues was originally conceptualized as a Book Review Blog. Since I loved reading fiction and also loved talking about them, I figured that a book review is the perfect blog theme for me. Yet I can’t get myself to critique someone else’s work. I know that if I took this seriously, I might have to write about the not so good points of the book. Having attempted to write a novel myself, I know how much hard work the authors put in their masterpieces. With already so many so-called experts out there critiquing their work, they don’t need another aspiring writer who might not fully understand what they wanted to convey in their writing. So I opted for a gentler approach. This is how Clues was born.

Clues differs from a typical Book Review because it focuses more on what the authors did correctly, rather than what the authors did wrong. It was in a literature appreciation class that I learned that fiction often borrows from reality for inspiration. It is for this reason that Clues focuses on the life lessons that the work of fiction reveals. It’s very possible that some of the life lessons that I’ve picked out may not have been something that the authors consciously wanted to reveal, but I still want to share what I think they did right for their story.

It’s never easy to write a book review without revealing some critical parts of the story. So for readers of Clues, there is a big Spoiler Alert on this page. I still encourage everyone to read the story first, because I know that my posts will only make sense to those who’ve read the novel.


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